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What is the difference between a cold and the flu? Here is a chart from the CDC that has useful info on the differences, it is linked to the CDC page for more information.




Below are links to calendars for Preschool and Pre-k that you can add that will let you know what events and changes are coming up.Pre-K parents remember that Monday starts the weather make up schedule.




Unfortunately, we have not updated this months nutrition schedule. You can always get a hard copy from Dacula Academy on the wall across from the conference room.

Parental controls on all devices


As technology is being incorporated into all of our lives from babies to the elderly, it is essential that you have parental controls on your devices to keep your kids safe. You might say to yourself “I monitor my kid’s devices or My child would never do that” your probably right. But you cannot control what ads buttons and new phishing techniques are developed every day. Kids also learn from their friends how to work around spot checking from parents. One way is if they use google they can go “incognito mode” which will not track website history. So when you pull up the history, you see only what they want you to see. Also, some apps hide files within other folders you might not be aware of, these are the most significant painful for parents because the app is usually a simple game until you hit a specific trigger that will open a file allocation folder. I am in no way endorsed for what I am going to say in any way, but I use Bitdefender for my families security. The parental controls let me see which apps are about to be downloaded and I have to approve before it installs. I can see texts, website history no matter what mode they are in and block individual websites that are already deemed unsafe by the company. I also can start a virus scan remotely and locate and disable my devices in case they land in the wrong hands. They can even install a new sim on the device it will be bricked and send an SOS signal once it hits a wifi spot. Below I have included two resources I like to read up on. These articles are all about parental control and have their top picks of paid and free apps. Don’t think that because they are free, they are not good; there are some great ones out there. What you have to ask yourself is what you want to protect your child from and to what extent you want control over their devices. Thank you guys and if you have any questions about this subject feel free to ask via this thread in the comments area or through FB