Janos J.

We had both of our children here since almost birth, so it was almost six years. I must say, Janna and Tim who are the owners of Dacula Academy do such a fantastic job with hiring teachers. Through the years we had some excellent teachers, a few not so good ones, but those we replaced. My children did well here and the teachers and Janna do a great job communicating with the parents. We moved a few months ago and sadly had to leave Dacula Academy, we switched to another daycare and it was terrible. As the saying goes, you really don’t know what you have till it’s gone. Janna really does a good job informing parents about their children. Janna and Tim encourage parents and really focus on the positive things about your child and they share their own personal stories with raising their own kids.

Dacula Academy seems to have been here for quite some time, they do a great job working in the community and all the local schools know who they are. Both of my kids miss this place and I miss my good conversations with Tim, he is a cool guy. If you live in this area, I’d highly recommend this daycare.

They are so kind to do parents night out, something none of the other daycares we know of offer. They also have discounts; 10 percent off if you have two children enrolled and another 5 percent off if you pay each month in advance.