Nicole Sigman

This daycare is one of the most amazing things to happen to my family and children. Both of my children attended daycare then pre-k and then after school care and summer camp here for over 10 years. My youngest child even potty trained at the center. The owners Tim and Jana are amazing, they truly care about the children. They have always reached out to me with any concerns and given me advice when needed. If I ever had a concern or problem (or my children have had any issues) they were always taken seriously and delt with. My children have now aged out of the facility and it has been so sad to leave. We love these people like family, they have helped raise my children for the last 10 years. My children adore them and the facility. When your children are spending such a large portion of their day without you, you want to make sure they are in a safe environment that they love. Dacula Academy was the right choice for us.